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As a Trustee for a property in Las Vegas, I had to navigate selling a home remotely.

Vanessa helped to find a contractor to repair a pipe leak. Vanessa worked tirelessly to get the house on the market, helped me analyze all offers, and got the house sold!

Charlene Larson

Vanessa is my go-to agent for my clients from the Keys who are looking for a home in the Las Vegas, Henderson, and Summerlin areas of Nevada.

I have only had rave reviews from clients who have had the good opportunity to work with Vanessa. If you, or someone you know are looking to buy or sell in the Vegas area, give Vanessa a call!

Jamie Engel

Vanessa Hamrick did an outstanding job.

Very personable and highly professional. We were new to Las Vegas and she took the necessary time for us to become familiar with the area. I highly recommend her!

Ed Reyes

Just want to say I'm very thankful that I was referred to Vanessa Hamrick.

Being from out of state I wasn't going to be able to be in town all the time. We spent our first meeting talking about what I needed in a house that my parents would be living in and even got to see some houses. It wasn't just about getting me to buy just any house. Vanessa pointed out things to me during our search that I may not have thought about, sloppy remodels, traffic noise from a back street, and anything that may have cost me money in the long run. Once Vanessa got a good idea of what I needed in a home she was able to walk through homes and even meet my parents at open houses to view homes. We actually found 2 perfect houses blocks away from each other. Made 2 offers. 1 accepted. And my parents have been happy in their cozy 2 bed 2 bath since March 2021. With all the stresses of the home buying process, if I were to do it all over again I'd be happy to have Vanessa help me through my home search again.

Adam Gonzalez

Vanessa was fantastic.

She learned quickly what I was looking for. Throughout the entire process, she was a trusted advisor, a staunch advocate for me, and very patient. Even when our first house had title issues she did everything she could to make sure that my interests were held up. In the end, I only have the house I have because of her diligence and dedication. Highest recommendation.

John Plunkett

Vanessa sold my home in Las Vegas.

She is very personable and tried her best to explain everything to me. I would recommend her to anyone.

Angelina Bruno

Vanessa is a very experienced realtor who takes the time to get to know her client.

When she shows you a house its features are the ones that are important to you because she really does her homework. I would recommend her to anyone, she is very professional!

Lisa Breitenwischer

Vanessa is outstanding both professionally and personally.

I couldn't have asked for a better person to help me find my forever home. She spent countless hours and months until we found the perfect house. Vanessa has all the qualities you want in someone. She is loyal, honest, smart, and dedicated and walks you through the house-buying process seamlessly.

Cathy and Tom Cromwell

If you are looking for a dedicated professional agent who actually cares about her clients look no further than Vanessa Hamrick.

Vanessa helped my partner and I find an apartment and move to Las Vegas from NY/NJ last year via Zoom calls and visiting and videoing various apartments ultimately settling on Turnberry Towers for a 1 year stay. Then in 2021 Vanessa and her husband Lance took us out to view MANY properties searching for a home to purchase and stayed with us through this crazy market until our offer was excepted on one. I have worked in real estate and worked with many agents over the years and in my opinion Vanessa and Lance have gone above and beyond in every way to help in any way they could, So our deepest thank you! to Vanessa, Lance, and the team!

Harry Schumacher

I purchased my first home in 2020 with the help of Vanessa Hamrick and the experience was amazing.

She and her realty group are very professional and personable. I had so many questions on buying a home and she answered every one and gave me many different ideas of what I should take into consideration when making the decision of what type of home (single family, townhome, condo..), showing me all the expenses of the actual purchase, different neighborhoods, and what each neighborhood has to offer, such as shopping, parks, distance to work, and much more. If I decide to buy another home I will definitely have Vanessa and the Coldwell Banker Premier Realty group help me again!

Monday Loux

Vanessa is a very thorough, patient, and empathetic realtor.

I had the pleasure of working with her for our 1st home. Her vast experience and knowledge across various areas of Real Estate were extremely valuable in helping our family make the best decision. Her people skills are effortless and her professionalism during negotiations are top-notch. We had several other realtors before finding her and we are so blessed to have met her. Conducting a buying transaction with her was stress-free as she keeps you in the loop and provides realistic expectations and timelines every step of the way. She also continuously checked in with the lender to assure everything was going smoothly. There was no better advocate on our behalf in all areas than her. You don't feel like you are conducting a business transaction when she is assisting you. I compare it to having an expert friend advising you in this field. It is safe to say that she is a true gem through and through!

Jose Davalos

Vanessa is the answer to every person’s prayers who wants to sell or purchase a home in the Las Vegas Valley.

I have used Vanessa for a purchase and a sale and have been pleasantly surprised both times with her knowledge, resources, and representation. She is extremely organized, keeps everyone informed, and has “people” for everything. We had a flood disaster just as we were putting a house on the market and Vanessa helped us get major damage repaired by a variety of trades in a very short time frame. She is a great listener and does not waste your time with things that do not meet your criteria. She is willing to spend as much time as necessary to find the right property for you and works tirelessly to sell for you, also. I highly recommend her.

Linda Rains

Vanessa is professional, accessible, and willing to go the extra distance needed to get the best deal possible.

Many thanks to Vanessa and the whole Hamrick team!

Wendy Fillmore

I’ve bought four homes and sold one with Vanessa.

I highly recommend her.

John Dooley

Vanessa Hamrick is an excellent agent.

Her experience and attention to her client's needs result in securing an excellent result in a timely matter. She was an asset to me and my sale went very well. I highly recommend her to anyone in need of a Real Estate Salesperson.

Shirley Johnson

Vanessa was the most competent and caring realtor that my wife and I have ever dealt with.

Would recommend her to anyone wishing to sell their home.

Will Sachs

Having been a Realtor for over 40+ years and having worked with hundreds of fellow Realtors, I find Vanessa an exceptional asset for all your Real Estate needs.

She is a very caring, knowledgeable, and tenacious Realtor that will help walk you through the most complicated purchase, perhaps, of your life!

Alberton Keamo
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"I have had the pleasure of working with Vanessa Hamrick on both sides of real estate transactions, and I can unequivocally attest to her exceptional qualities as a real estate professional. Vanessa's commitment to her clients, combined with her strong ethics, conscientiousness, empathy, and broad market knowledge, sets her apart in the industry.Vanessa's unwavering commitment to ethical practices is truly commendable. In an industry where transparency and honesty are paramount but often lacking, Vanessa consistently upholds the highest standards. She operates with unwavering integrity, ensuring that her clients receive fair and accurate information, fostering a sense of trust that is crucial in real estate dealings.Conscientiousness is a hallmark of Vanessa's approach to her work. She pays meticulous attention to every detail - ensuring all paperwork is in order or staying on top of market trends, Her thoroughness is a testament to her dedication to providing a seamless experience for her clients.Empathy is a quality that sets Vanessa apart in stress laden world of real estate transactions. She understands that buying or selling a home is a deeply personal experience, and she approaches each transaction with a genuine understanding of her clients' needs and emotions. Vanessa's knowledge of the market and expertise extend beyond the basics, allowing her to provide invaluable insights to her clients, empowering them to make informed decisions that align with their goals.What truly sets Vanessa apart, however, is her unwavering willingness to go above and beyond for her clients. She consistently goes the extra mile with dedication to client satisfaction.I recommend Vanessa Hamrick to anyone seeking a top-notch real estate professional. Her strong ethics, conscientious approach, empathetic nature, in-depth market knowledge, and commitment to going above and beyond make her an invaluable asset in the real estate industry. Working with Vanessa is not just a transaction; it's an assurance that your real estate journey will be guided by someone who truly cares about your success and well-being."
5 /5.0
by petrinaolson
"She was great! On top of her product, and made the transaction Simple. Highly recommend. She did all the leg work for me and the Inspection as well.Once what I want came on the market she contacted me at once, and we purchased it right away."
5 /5.0
by David Leavitt
"Kaori was AMAZING! By far the greatest realtor there is. She goes above and beyond and was always readily available and answered all our questions! I hired her to buy the house in 2015 and she was super helpful and decided to hire her again to sell the home! I wish she was available in my next state! I would recommend her for anyone!!!"
5 /5.0
by jesusenriquezjr
"What a pleasure it was to have Vanessa represent us in selling and purchasing a new home! She sold our home at full value with a consistent update with everything taking place and we also found a perfect home for our family! The only thing I wish the selling realtor of the home we purchased was a nightmare but Vanessa got us through this lady that definitely shouldn’t be representing anyone or be dealing with someone spending a great deal of money. Thank you Vanessa and Coldwell Banker you got lucky adding Vanessa to your team."
5 /5.0
by scottstephens61
"I would never use Vanessa Hamrick from Coldwell Banker Premier Realty in Las Vegas again for any reason. We signed the contract on Dec 2, 2021, yet my home was not actually placed on the MLS service until Dec 21, 2021, 19 days after we signed the agreement. She tried to blame me to cover herself but she is the licensed and experienced agent who is paid to insure the process is handled quickly and efficiently. Additionally, other than the MLS listing, there was absolutely zero marketing plan put into place by her. With 19 days to develop one, you’d think she would hit the ground running with one. In today’s Las Vegas market, a good marketing plan is what garners over asking price offers. Based on conversations with other realtors, I am convinced that I left money on the table. After my home sold, she and her representatives sent me seven Doc-u-Sign requests to change the original date we signed the contract from Dec 2, 2021, to December 21, 2021. I asked twice why and never received an answer other than they wanted it. Found out later it was due to an MLS listing service violation. The last time Vanessa Hamrick ever stepped foot in my home was December 19, 2021, two full days before the listing went live. This is the last time I ever saw her in person. She went out of state to visit family for the holidays during the entire time my home was being shown and said a fellow agent in her office would be there to handle things in her absence. I never heard from this agent even once. I was left to handle all of the showings, including those for agents from out of state who did not have key box access. Selling a home using nothing more than phone calls from your agent who is out of state on vacation is very unsettling for the average homeowner. With the exception of her and one other vendor, my move was flawless from the inspectors to the title company to the movers. Maybe I should have hired them to sell my home. Would be a lot less frustrating. I would be remiss if I did not mention the one person in this office who was very efficient and responsive, Petrina Olson. I should have dealt directly with her. Learn from my extremely costly mistake, find an agent other than Vanessa Hamrick from Coldwell Banker Premier Realty. You’d be better off yelling house for sale out the window than hiring her or this agency."
1 /5.0
by lr7306184
"As a mortgage broker, Vanessa impressed myself and my team with her professionalism throughout the loan process, especially at the end when it was needed most. She is not only very professional but kind and understanding as well. She took detailed notes so that she could accurately and efficiently communicate with her client the needs of our clients to get the deal to the finish line. Thank you for demonstrating how a real estate agent should be"
5 /5.0
by brian stark6
"Vanessa was a dream to work with on finding the perfect place and guiding us through the offering process and closing. She was fun to interact with and never seemed dismayed to hear from us. I highly recommend her for your next real estate venture."
5 /5.0
by hailrains
"If you you are looking for a dedicated professional agent who actually cares about their clients look no further then Vanessa Hamrick and the Coldwell Banker Premier Realty Team. Vanessa helped my partner and I find an apartment and move to Las Vegas from NY/NJ last year via Zoom calls and visiting and videoing various apartments ultimately settling on Turnberry Towers for a 1 year stay. Then this year (2021) Vanessa and her husband Lance took us out to view MANY properties searching for a home to purchase and stayed with us through this crazy market until our offer was excepted on one. I have worked in real estate and worked with many agents over the years and in my opinion Vanessa and Lance have gone above and beyond in every way to help in any way they could, So our deepest thank you! to Vanessa, Lance and team from Harry and Bei"
5 /5.0
by Harry Schu
"Vanessa Hamrick is currently advising me on investments in the Las Vegas area. She is a true professional and one of the smartest agents I ever met. She has been a priceless advisor with extensive knowledge of the market. She asks great questions, she listens, and she patiently keeps my decision process on the right track. I look forward to making several successful investments with her help."
5 /5.0
by Paul Ferrell
"Vanessa was amazing to work with.... incredibly professional and so easy to talk too. She answered every question easily and made the entire process EASY. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND VANESSA."
5 /5.0
by 5tuk9hn4dk
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